The Ox Mountains

The Ox Mountains run east west along the southern shore of Lough Gill and stretch towards Ballina. Being 900 millions years old, they form part of the oldest mountain range in Europe and are part of a fault line that stretches from Sligo, across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The name of the mountain range, translated from Irish should be ’Stormy Mountains’ (Sliamh Gamh), but over time they came to be called the Ox Mountains (Sliamh Dhamh). They are sometimes known as St Patrick’s Mountain due to Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, having spent a lot of time there. There are many legends associated with the Ox Mountains. One talks of Gamh, one of Ireland’s first mythical invaders who was beheaded on the mountain. Another legend accounts for the current name of the mountain range. That story tells the tale of an ox that lived on the Ox Mountains and was of unnatural size.

Walking and cycling map

Walking and cycling map

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Various loop walks and routes are available
Lough Easkey Loop Walk: approx. 8 km, Lough Talt Loop Walk: approx. 6,5 km, Route A Lough Talt: approx. 12 km, route B: Lough Easky: approx. 26 km.Maps are available.
Discover your own (guided) trail, for example the Frenchman’s Grave, the Stirring Rock or hike over the mountain tops with stunning views of the Atlantic.
Sligo Way towards Lough Easky

Sligo Way towards Lough Easky

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Reclining after a day’s walk